Violent conflict at a 30-year high. Historic levels of polarization. 70 million people displaced. +Peace is mobilizing people, governments and the private sector to tackle global violence and division.

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The challenge

Violent conflict is a leading cause of human suffering, killing hundreds of thousands of people and displacing millions every year. Tribalism and polarization are dividing communities worldwide. The international system is no longer working to prevent conflict and protect civilians from war. Governments, who have the most control over large-scale policies, are moving away from the peaceful, cooperative management of conflict.


The solution

We are determined to make sustainable peace the primary objective of the anticipation, management, and prevention of global conflict. We are working to establish peacebuilding in policy, politics, and public discourse as an effective method for addressing conflict. Our goal is not only to reduce global levels of violence, but also to lay the groundwork for just, positive peace in the 21st century.

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The strategy

We seek impact at multiple levels. We want policymakers to center peace in policy design; politicians to commit to nonviolent approaches to conflict management; and individuals to adopt peacebuilding in their daily lives. We know that change at every level will be vital to stamping out the scourges of war and violence.

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The coalition

We are 21 international peacebuilding organizations, and growing, coming together to tackle global levels of violence and division and build peace at scale. We are currently refining our governance model and building our campaign platform, and will launch to the public on September 21, 2019.